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Poem – Birch in the Deep Woods

March 3rd, 2008

In the soft

        Enfolding dimness

            Of the deep woods


        In quiet grace

            A birch

Amid the deep

        And patterned greens

            Of pine and cedar

White trunk

        Grows from grey

            To gleaming brilliance

                Climbing to the sun

It rises

        Assured and branchless

            Into the canopy

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A long- bodied, short-legged hoodlum, nick-named Heenan, armed with a club, acted as ring keeper, and belted back, remorselessly, any of the spectators who crowded over the line.

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        In leaves of dappled green

            In glowing light

I feel myself

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Shoes to match her formal gear were added; her family had supplied boots for riding and combat practice. I think I'll get a pepperoni pizza and a large root beer, said Stanley. Their arms are thin and frail but their mouths are wide and lined with dozens of needle-sharp fangs.
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        Reaching, rising

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            Climbing sunward

                Fingers grasping for light

To touch

        In glorious, ecstatic joy

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            The life-giving beam

I revel


            In buttery sun

And yet

        Down in the dim

            And half-lit world

The birch

        Is striving

            Within a darker realm

Its roots

        Reach down and spread

            Within a lightless soil

In darkness

        Seeking nourishment

            And living water

Amid the soft

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I got as far as my knees and he came on. Atl this, of course, in the heart of the house Hesslers kitchen.

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Sioned rose from her chair, a small frantic voice in her head demanding that Chiana be evicted at once, before Rohan could come back with his undoubted need for what little peace Sioned could give him.

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        Decaying mass

            Of what has lived before

I feel my toes

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Instantly his face flushed with wrath-- What, thou here yet! What Kli Kodesh had said was as near to an accusation as anyone had ever dared speak in his presence, but somehow the tone in which it had been delivered did not carry the animosity one might expect.
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Fumbling with the bio-bed control pad, Beverly cursed her fingers for not working right, not knowing the places on the console that would be second nature if . I don't want to have to worry about what Laura and I talk about and if you and I have both a social and a professional relationship, I don't want that line to accidentally blur. In an old history on the manners and customs of the early twentieth century.

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            Into the welcoming soil


        Damp, reassuring

            It enfolds my feet

Like the birch

        Striving, growing

            Within both darkness

                And light

Enriched by both

        Pure energy of radiant life

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            And dark decay of death

One giving


            Grounded, rooted in darkness

The other


            And beauty glowing bright

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Lest we forget

        It grows

            In two directions, always

Lest we forget

        We are sustained

            Nourished in both worlds

So stands the birch

        In sturdy graceful beauty

            Lest we forget.

Who I Am

March 3rd, 2008

I mean, for years I'd watched all those Princes and heroes and so on go into the forest, and now it was my turn. The dragonne prefers not to fight in the air, as it is very slow and maneuvers poorly compared to most flying creatures. He hid his scarred face in his hands and wept.

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Now I know these are probably bad examples, but you're like a hypnotist who can only hypnotise himself, or a clairvoyant who forecasts his own death - for tomorrow! She went on mechanically filling bowls, and smiled and chatted with her regulars as she set the bowls on proffered trays, but her mind wasn't on it. He followed them to the descending squares and watched as Helbah pressed the number two for the women's floor.
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I am reading “The Dance” by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. In it she says, ” What if the question is not, why am I so infrequently the person I really want to be, but why do I so infrequently want to be the person I really am?” I agree with the sentiment, but then wonder why it is necessary for her to write an entire book to help us “be who we are?” It seems that it should be the easiest thing in the world to be who you are. But it isn’t. We seem so much more comfortable trying to change ourselves to conform to some ideal image. Shouldn’t we be more compassionate, more present, better, thinner, healthier, smarter, richer, or just more spiritual? How do you stop striving and just be and still be what you want? Are we so sure that what we are is not what we should be? Perhaps it is just the echoes of all the “thou shalt nots” but I am convinced that I need to control myself, to not let my inner impulses loose. And yet, I want to be who I am. How do I do that?